World Peace: A Utopian Society

As I’m watching the presidential campaigns, I see Republican and Democratic candidates tapping into their supporters’ slow boiling anger and resentment to certain grievances and igniting a dangerous fire. I see candidates supporting divides among citizens, encouraging supporters to view those who oppose their opinions and beliefs as enemies.No, I’m not just talking about Trump.

It seems the media and news is full of anger, hatred, despair, an hopelessness, and the greatest  question that comes to my mind is: “Whatever happened to the UNITED in the UNITED States of America?” Of course, we could always argue that the U.S. was never really united. In fact, in such a world, that word has lost meaning.

Even so, there are hundreds of thousands of answers to this question. But it all boils down to the central evil in our society: selfishness. We stubbornly claim the right to choose our gender or sexual orientation, regardless of the impact it has on our families and greater environment. We are encouraged to give in to our sexual urges, resulting in the slaughtering of the unborn, unfaithfulness, a warped view of sex, and the very one-sided viewing of pornography online, to say the least. We claim the right to live our lives the way we want to regardless of the consequences to family, friends, our country, and our world. To put it bluntly, this screams “it’s all about me.”

Yet, when have we ever acclaimed and honored heroes and famous historical figures who selfishly acted in their own interests  without regard for others? Very rarely. Rather, we look to those who worked humbly for the greater good, those who sacrificed their desires for the needs of others. A great example is Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who served the poorest of the poor in Calcutta. She served with a selfless love.

Yes, it sounds cheesy, but love is the solution to all problems. As we begin voting for presidential candidates, lets turn not to candidates who divide us angrily against each other but to candidates (if there are any, to be honest) who preach respect and peace and love. While this might seem like a generic post, it is a reminder that needs to be stated over and over again.


World Peace: A Utopian Society

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